How much do you charge for DJ services?

DJC Entertainment’s Wedding Packages start from $950,  Parties, Corporate Functions, School Disco’s start from $500. Please contact me to arrange an informal (no obligation) meeting to discuss your wedding or Event in more detail.

Our wedding isn’t in Perth. Do you travel?

The majority of my work is in the Perth area, but I have travelled to Regional WA on a few occasions and this is not an issue. Additional costs for travel and accommodation will apply.

Who will be the DJ at our event?

DJC Entertainment is my business and I will be your DJ on the day. In the extremely unlikely event that I was unable to attend (only if I was in a coma) I have contingency plans in place for a back-up DJ of the same standard and professionalism as myself.

Do you charge extra to MC at weddings?

MC is included in both our packages at no additional cost. Alternatively if you already have an MC, I will be available to support and coach them both on the day and in the lead up to your wedding.

What time should we plan for the DJ to start?

I place a lot of value on the earlier parts of the evening, such as during dinner. I can be ready to play music from the moment your first guest arrives which really helps build the atmosphere for the rest of the night. Typically I am set up about 1 hr prior to the official start time to ensure everything is tested and ready to go.

How can we play music at an outdoor beach or garden ceremony?

I have a few options available, utilising small and compact power generators which are virtually silent.

What music do you play during dinner?

Dinner is an important part of an evening and the right mix and tempo of songs help shape the evening to come. I think it’s as important for a DJ to read the crowd during dinner as much as it is once the dancing kicks off. A balanced mixture is the key with a bit of something for everyone in the room. Expect to hear a little something across all the different Genres as well as a few cool surprises and some carefully selected current top 40 favourites as well. Your input is also welcome if you want to add some of your favourites.

How long do you play for?

While we’ll define contracted times in our agreement, essentially my role is to entertain as and when required. I start when you want me to start, finish when you finish. My packages allow for up to 6hrs of playing time with small overruns acceptable at no additional cost. Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements.

Do you do many weddings?

Weddings are the main focus of my business making up around 90% of my events. The rest are generally parties, corporate events, birthdays, school discos and similar celebrations. I have completed over 1000 weddings to date.

Do you have references?

Yes, please refer to my testimonials page and my Facebook page for recent reviews.

Can we meet with you prior to booking, to see if you are the right DJ for our wedding?

Certainly – in fact I actively encourage it. While I’ve been involved with hundreds of weddings and events, there’s never been one exactly like yours before. I believe enthusiasm and commitment isn’t something that can truly be demonstrated via email or even over the phone which is why I encourage an in person meeting before you make any decisions. Even if you were to decide I’m not the right DJ for you, consider this meeting as an opportunity to discuss your wedding day or event plans and take away some valuable tips that may help bring things together for you.

Can we choose the music?

When it comes to the first dance or other special dances at your wedding, such as a father daughter dance for example, it’s entirely your choice. You might even want to pick out a few must play tracks for the night too. However, make that list too big and it defeats the purpose of hiring someone to look after the music for you. Rather than putting too much emphasis on choosing music, I usually encourage my clients to think about the songs or artists they definitely do not want to hear (“do not play” list).

Can we see you working at another event or wedding?

I would never invite strangers or future clients to your wedding, and it wouldn’t be appropriate for you to visit theirs.

Our Master of Ceremonies is part of the wedding party – can you make some announcements?

I regularly provide full Master of Ceremonies services, so making any announcements or introductions is all part of the service, so yes I would love to.

We have a large range of age groups, so can you play music that’s across the board?

Of course! I carry thousands of songs to every event because there’s no way to predict what your guests will want to hear until they’re headed for the dance floor. What does work is variety, so I play a little bit of everything, old and new.

Will you play requests?

Unless my client specifies otherwise then normally yes, if anyone makes a request. If the DJ is playing the right songs, often guests don’t need to make requests. Of course, I use discretion and consider the appropriateness of any request before playing it.

Should we have a meal prepared for the DJ?

This is at your discretion, but given we will usually be at the reception for close on 9hrs this would be appreciated. A main course only is fine and I usually eat at my DJ booth so no special requirements for additional tables.

Our venue has no dance floor. Do we need to hire one?

It’s not essential. Your guests will usually just dance in front of wherever the DJ or band is set up, right on the carpet or whatever is on the floor. Keep this in mind when organising your floor plan and try to have your entertainment as close as possible to where you envisage the dancing will happen. Also try to avoid putting tables between the dance floor and your DJ or band, if possible.

What happens if you get sick?

This is surprisingly not a common question, but it’s an important one all the same and it’s covered in my contract. It’s only ever happened once due to a death in my family but the contingency plan I have in place ensured a DJ was available on the night of the same calibre as myself and the event ran smoothly and was a success.